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This web site is intended as a resource for collectors of commercially produced gumball helmets as well as those of us who use gumball helmets as an artistic media (that is, we make our own!). This website contains every scrap of information we have ever gathered concerning gumball football helmets in past and present incarnations (Complete with photos where possible).

The true inspiration for this website comes from the original Geocities Gumball Helmet Collectors Homepage. You can find an updated copy of that website HERE. Please understand that it was last updated in 2000 and there are things that needed to be changed and/or updated because of age, information, or lost image files, but the nostalgia for those of us that remember it is definitely still there.


.: Site Guide

HISTORY & EVALUATION: This gives you a rundown of the history of gumball helmets. It's comprehensive and as complete as possible at this point. The evaluation page goes through a checklist of things you need to be able to go over in order to make sure a helmet is authentic.

OPI FACTORY: This is for OPI factory produced gumball helmets. Orange Products, Inc. (OPI) is the originator of the gumball helmets. They began producing helmets in 1964 and did so all the way up to the turn of the century. These are the true vintage gumball helmets and therefore are the most sought after.

FDC FACTORY: This is for FDC factory produced gumball helmet decals. Fusion Media, the entity that owns and operates this website, manufactured new decals for gumball helmets in 2013. They use OPI original shells for their creations. Since they are professionally printed and die cut decals, they qualify as factory made. The decals produced are of helmets that were never made, or they used graphically accurate logos for helmets that were incorrectly done by OPI.

CUSTOMS: This is for the long standing extension of the hobby, of using it as an artistic medium and making your own helmets. There are tips and advice, along with resources to help you get started, or more comprehensive help for those who already have it going.

RESTORATION: This page goes over tips and tricks for restoring old gumball helmets back to their initial glory (as best can be done of course).

RESOURCES & LINKS: There is both a resources and links page which contain different types of resources. The resources page being directly related to the hobby, while the links page provides various websites and individuals that we have found useful over time collecting.


.: O.P.I. Factory Gumball Helmets

Being the godfather of gumball helmets, the OPI originals are constantly sought after by all collectors. The OPI section of the website goes into comprehensive detail about these collectibles. From the NFL & AFL, to the CFL & WFL all the way up to the USFL and through the NCAA. Even information gathered about oddball helmets produced by the company. There is a full checklist (any new additions will be added as they are revealed/discovered), a price guide, and photos of every OPI helmet we know to exist.

If you happen to know of a variation not listed or shown here, please contact us and let us know. We will review it and determine if it's a true variation or just a mistake. Please note that we do not add trasitional helmets or individual mistakes to the checklist/guide.

.: Hong Kong, UK, and everything else!

As of right now, we do not have resources regarding foregin gumball helmets. We plan to add this to the site in the future, but for now we're going to stick to O.P.I. origin gumball helmets.

.: Under Construction

Please bear with us as the site is still HEAVILY under construction.

.: Thank You!

Thank you for taking a look at the site and hopefully you'll bookmark it and be able to see it in all it's glory when it's finally finished.

.: Acknowledgements

I must thank everyone throughout the years who provided information, photos, actual helmets, and everything else that was collected in order to put this site together. It all started because of a simple Geocities website created by Kevin Stafford that was around in the late 1990's that served as inspiration.

The following people have been instrumental in making this all possible.

Tim Potter: He is the original king of gumball helmets, and a lot of gratitude goes toward him for so much assistance over the past two decades. He even has his own website that's been up for more than a decade. He is one of the original custom helmet creators.

David Jingo: He has provided more information that you could possibly imagine, along with helpful advice. He is a co-creator of the official Gumball Helmet Collectors Guide, which was published in PDF format only. Contact him if you would like to purchase a copy. He also has his own media services (JingoMedia) website.

Bill Jones: He was dubbed the King of Gumball Helmets by Paul Lukas. When it comes to custom helmets, he is by far the King. The Gumball King even has his own Facebook Page.


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